Aquarius Sign Meaning

The Aquarius Symbol Meaning

Aquarius symbolThe Aquarius symbol is the eleventh sign in the zodiac, is a water symbol, and represents a fresh new start. Aquarius means progressive thinking, growth, quality, and personal freedom. The Aquarius sign symbol glyph is water flowing from the water bearer’s jug, meaning ever flowing spiritual energy. The Aquarius symbol is telling of the kind of people who are self-directed, and direct about what they want with others. It is not normal Aquarius’ to follow society, preferring to be self-sustaining, and being smug of that fact at times.

Aquarius Energy

Those under the Aquarius zodiac sign have seemingly limitless energy. These people are forceful and persistent with interpersonal relationships. Limits do not exist to Aquarius symbols but the understand that not all people adhere to breaking tradition in everything they do, and must have a period of servitude before they can become masters of their own fate; this sometimes leads to lack of tolerance in adulthood if this servitude happened during their formative years.

Aquarius Emotions

The Aquarius zodiac sign represents people who look for wisdom, and who put little value in emotions. Aquarius symbols often disregard other people’s feelings, not because they do not understand them, but because to the Aquarius sign symbol emotions are not something to put stock in. The Aquarius symbol trusts their brain over their heart and sometimes feels out of the loop for not understanding how other people let their feelings run away with them.

Aquarius Visionaries

The Aquarius symbol represented people who like to go their own way. They usually favor intellectual independence stubbornly no matter what others may think. They represent paradoxes, and like to get both sides of every story so they can make new ideas in their ever-busy brain. Aquarius’ don’t get hung up on the differences of other people; they understand everyone has their own way to live.

The Aquarius symbol belongs to those who observe, and learn how to work with or against people through these observations. These people love change, and hate to be bored. Aquarius symbols can often balloon their own importance and pretend to be an expert on everything. These people can also pick on people they find weak or dull, though it is not usually meant to harm the other person, it is the way they like to show off their vocal and intellectual prowess.

Aquarius Progressive Qualities

The visionary minds Aquarius’ are excellent for the new millennia. They love gadgets and modern technological advances. Aquarius symbols also represent humanitarians who want to make the world a better place. They also invest a lot of time into social institutions and use their quick wits to attempt to make the world a better place for everyone.