Abstergo Laboratory in Assassin’s Creed

The Symbolic Meaning of Asbtergo Industries

Do you Abstergo?

Do you Abstergo?

The Abstergo Laboratory is the place where Desmond Miles is held in the first Assassin’s Creed. The Abstergo Laboratory houses the Animus, which allows Desmond to transport his mind back into his ancestor’s and experience what they did as an assassin. That is why the Abstergo Laboratory in Assassin’s Creed symbolizes empowerment. The Abstergo Laboratory as a symbol represents how powerful it makes Desmond Miles, who started off as a simple bartender but became a skilled assassin.

Throughout the first game, Desmond Miles is forced to use the Animus, which allowed him to become Altair, his distant ancestor who was an assassin. Desmond was able to become an important assassin using the equipment in Abstergo Laboratory, meaning he was becoming a more significant person than he had been. In this lab, Desmond was also the seventeenth assassin to have used the Animus, meaning it empowered many other people with the same ability.

However, the Abstergo Laboratory as a symbol becomes more significant when they learn about the Bleeding Effect, which causes subjects to mix up memories with their ancestors and become delusional and confused. The subject before Desmond actually went completely insane after this and gained powers and great knowledge. He wrote symbols and words in his blood all over the Abstergo Laboratories and then took his own life.


Desmond had something similar happen to him, although it improved him for the better. Desmond was a victim of the Bleeding Effect in the Abstergo Laboratory, meaning that he ended up gaining the Eagle Vision that Altair had. This empowered Desmond by allowing him to see and sense things for what they really were. This revealed to Desmond that the doctor he had been working with was a member of the Templars while his nurse was a member of the Assassin Order.

This also allowed Desmond to see the blood symbols at the end of Assassin’s Creed. These symbols that Desmond see that the Assassin Order and the Templars were real and that they even existed today. The Abstergo Laboratory as a symbol shows Desmond’s empowerment to becoming more than just a regular assassin through gaining this knowledge and his Eagle Vision.

He is then told to escape the Abstergo Laboratory to embrace his destiny as a member of the Assassin Order. As Desmond was nothing more than a simple bartender before, the Abstergo Laboratory symbolizes his empowerment to becoming one of the greatest assassins of all time. This advancement in Assassin’s Creed is symbolic to Altair’s growth as a member of the Assassin Order as well, showing the empowerment of Desmond’s impact on Altair as well.