Air Symbol (Astrology)

What Does Air Symbolize in Astrology?


Air is one of the four classical elements.  It is understood to be wet and hot.  Air is associated with the gracious phase of matter, as understood by modern chemistry.  This is the most excitable phase of any element in chemistry, each atom is loosely connected to other atoms of the same type, and as a result gas dissipates quickly.  Air has no sense of unity in this respect, as there is air everywhere, and it is not required for each atom to have a fixed space.

Air also represents the humor of blood as one of four humors which is also hot and wet.  Blood is the driving force to life; as a result Air’s interpretation can be Life.  Life in a biological sense needs oxygen and nitrogen to function, both of which are found in air.  Even anaerobic life needs some of the elements in air to survive.

Air means purity.  Just as wind can come and sweep chaff away from the grain, Air is seen as force that drives all impurities away leaving only purity and cleanliness in its wake.  Air can take away impurities, or bring in freshness.
Air can be interpreted as communication. Messages can be carried on the wind from far off places to be whispered in the ears of those who will listen. Air can also be the Universe’s main way of speaking to mankind in a language they can feel.



Change is another large representation that Air can have.  The air zodiac signs represent personalities that enjoy or thrive off change.  Nothing can stay the same when wind, or air, is involved.  Slowly, over time, even mountains change thanks to air.  Often this change happens with no regard for what will happen afterwards, and is not always change for the better.

  Sometimes Air’s meaning is only that of some big life change.  A change in marital status, occupation, or physical well-being can be detrimental to a person just as easily as change can act as a positive force.

Air also means the third persona of the Holy Trinity in the Christian faith: the Holy Ghost.  When strong winds are present in the Bible it means the coming of the Holy Spirit to earth.  Spirit can be translated from Hebrew to mean “wind.”  Even at the beginning of time, God moved across the newly formed waters of the earth as a spirit, or a Wind. When man was created in God’s image, the Holy Spirit breathed life into Adam, and put wind into his lungs.