Aries Symbol

The Aries astrological sign is the first zodiac signPeople under the Aries symbol see themselves in much the same way: they are leaders, and they have strong initiative.  The Aries symbol is the ram, embodying fertility, antagonism, and a sense of daring. The glyph for the Aries astrological sign is the ram’s horns, symbolizing perfectly how Aries symbols approach life head-on.



Aries symbols represent leadership.  Where Aries symbols like to get things started, they also lack follow through.  Their strong leadership is special to those with the Aries astrological sign, and can inspire others to start projects with seemingly impossible odds.  Aries symbols thrive on new beginnings, and are the energetic catalyst in situations where others need motivation.  They also are highly competitive, and love to win. Those with the Aries astrological sign do not like to take orders from other people, and often react childishly if they think others are being offensive or are trying to give orders.   Aries symbols are often signs of truth, an honor, so long as the symbols are representing people who are getting their way or who are in control. Those with the Aries Zodiac Sign are eager to step into new and strange places.



Those with the Aries symbol are self-absorbed, and rarely pay attention to other people’s feelings. This causes other people to feel like those with the Aries Zodiac sign are spoiled, and can lead to resentment from others.  If those with the Aries symbol feel like they need to get their way, they will lie to do so, though they are not skilled at lying and are often caught.  Aries often project their own personalities on to others, causing them to appear coercive.



Those under the Aries astrological sign are insecure at times.  They put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed and to be strong leaders. However, the enthusiasm natural to the Aries astrological sign often surpasses any feelings of insecurity. Those with the Aries Zodiac sign like the thrill of the hunt, and enjoy wanting something more than they enjoy achieving those ends. This can play into their insecurities, no matter how much they enjoy being in pursuit.  Aries represents people who are impulsive; they speak and act without thinking, and they later regret the things that escape their mouths before they think.



In traditional western mythology the Aries Zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, god of war.  These people treat life like battle, and can overtake anyone if they want to badly enough.   Aries symbols do not tire, and would much rather die than admit defeat—or at least move on to the next project in their life than admit that they could not finish the first.  Fire is the Aries elemental symbol.  At times, the enthusiasm that comes along with fire can be a good driving force, or it could burn down an entire forest.  Much like their god, Aries are happiest in the heat of work, play, or love.  Aries color symbol is red, just like their element, planet, and the god Mars himself.