Brain Damage By Pink Floyd

Symbols in “Brain Damage”


Many listeners wouldn’t be surprised to consider that members of Pink Floyd dealt with mental illness. Many of the great musicians have often been considered a little on the crazy side of the spectrum. Pink Floyd decided to address this with a song. Symbols in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage take one on a ride through mental illness.

Mental Illness in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage is evident from the first line of the song. “The lunatic is on the grass.” The song starts off talking about a lunatic, who apparently is having a good time laughing and remembering games, but there is obviously something seriously wrong with this person. “Got to keep the loonies on the path,” is among the symbols in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage, of how they are trying to deal with the mental illness. Someone is trying to help the mentally challenged person through some form of treatment.

Mental illness in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage continues with the next stanza “The lunatics are in the hall.” Here though is where you start seeing some of the symbols in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage start to refer to how a certain person is feeling or thinking. “If the dame breaks open many years too soon, and if there’s no room upon the hill, and if your head explodes with dark forebodings too I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.” Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage meaning is speaking about someone specifically. There is a person in mind that the writer is talking about having mental illness. This person needs help and is already on that “dark side of the moon.”

It isn’t until the following verse that you realize the Mental illness in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage is the author himself. He is suffering from some sort of psychosis and is in need of mental help. He states “the lunatic is in my head.” This tells us that he is suffering from mental illness. Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage interpretation is that the writer of the song was having a breakdown at this point.

This interpretation of Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage can continue with the lines “You re-arrange me ‘till I’m sane. You lock the door and throw away the key.” He’s been committed to a mental hospital to help him with his problems. “There’s someone in my head but it’s not me,” this point blank points to the mental illness in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage. The person is having a psychotic break that could possibly be schizophrenia.

Going from the broad statement that the lunatics are on the lawn to the more narrow identification of the lunatic’s in my head mental illness in Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage is clearly seen. The meaning of the song Brain Damage is all about expressing the fear and frustration of the mental illness and how the writer no longer feels in control.


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