Cancer Symbol in Astrology

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The Cancer Symbol in Astrology 300px-Cancer.svg

The glyph of the cancer astrology sign are two simplified claws of the crab, that look much like two number 9s intertwined,  and is also interpreted as two breasts honoring to the nurturing qualities of those under this sign.


Much like the crab that represents the cancer zodiac sign horoscope those with this sign have a tough exterior.  Often, when those with the cancer zodiac symbol fell threatened they retreat into their shell or attack. They do not show their weaknesses, but would rather let the cancer astrological sign mask them.  The zodiac symbol for cancer is driven most forcibly by their lack of trust in others.  This lack of trust in others leads to resentment and anger due to the lack of personal contact.  This leads further to a negative outlook on life, and casts a depressing light even on joyful events.   However, once a cancer zodiac symbol can get over the strong emotions trying to rule over them they can do anything they put their mind to.  They feel their emotions more strongly than the other zodiac signs, so even the slightest conflict causes them pain.  They stand up for what they believe is right, are diligent in their work, and their intuition serves them when they want it to

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Those with the cancer astrological sign are unpredictable.  There is more than meets the eye for those with a cancer zodiac sign horoscope; they have a deep psyche, and need constant reassurance and support.  When this support is available to the cancer astrological sign there is a lot for them to give.  Even if someone under the cancer astrological sign has had a falling out with someone they will often try to maintain the friendship because the work put into old relationships is safer than learning to trust new people.  Those with the zodiac symbol for cancer want safety and reliability as well as new adventures.  They can be forceful, but often hide that part of them under a calm exterior, like a crab.


Those of the cancer zodiac sign horoscope are very nurturing and caring.  These people are intuitive, observant, and have a good memory.  Just as your own mother knows when you are lying, so do those with the cancer astrology sign.  Those with the cancer astrological sign need to be needed, and when they are not they will be cantankerous.  Cancer zodiac sign horoscope also has moody types that tend to sulk if they have their feelings hurt.  Those under the cancer astrological sign are perfect mothers.  With their intuition and observation they know good people from the bad, and want to take care of those they feel are under their care.


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