Capricorn in Astrology

Capricorn in Astrology

Capricorn (constellation)

Capricornus is a constellation of the Zodiac, which birthed the term for Capricorns in astrology. Its term means “goat” or “goat horn” in Latin. The idea is that it represents a creature, which is half-goat and half-fish. One of the 46 constellations listed by Ptolemy, Capricornus resides in an area of the night sky, called “The Sea”. “The Sea” consists of many water-related constellations. Despite its large influence, Capricornus is actually the smallest of the zodiac constellations.

Capricorn (astrology) –
Many astrologists and psychologists believe that individuals born under Capricornus have common set of characteristics.

If you were born under Pisces, read some of the characteristics below to see how much it sounds like you:

Capricorn represents a brand of calculating people. Capricorns refer to people born during the time when our sun enters the Capricornus constellation. “Capricorns” are hard workers, organized, and patient. They are very determined and ambitious.

They are much like mountain goats, which is the animal symbol of Capricorns, being resourceful and stubborn when it comes to climbing the mountains of their desired. However, even though they are resourceful, Capricorns are unimaginative, as they see the best way to climb the ladder of success as though sticking to the rules. Just as mountain goats cannot use jetpacks to ascend a mountain, Capricorns prefer to “hoof-it” to their goals.

Interesting Capricorn Facts:

• Capricorns are rather introverted in order to their focus on their goals.
• While being introverted, a Capricorn can also focus on other people and have the capacity to be understanding.
• Capricorns have a huge wall, and it takes a lot for one to open up to a partner.
• Marriage to a Capricorn will be long awaited, but they’re fiercely loyal and rarely divorce.
• However, Capricorns mimic mountain goats in that they are mostly lonely creatures who only involve themselves with others when a specific goal is eminent.
• Capricorns aren’t the type to cheat or have long-term affairs.
• These types of people are instinctively careful; they like to play by the rules.
• Dedicated and ambitions, Capricorns often move up quickly
• A Capricorn will not lose face in the event of a catastrophe or serious situation; they’re solid.
• Though Capricorns come off harsh and strict, they’re often kind people with good intentions.
• Dry humor and wit are a Capricorn favorite; unfortunately, most people don’t understand a Capricorn’s sense of humor.

Famous Capricorns:
• Kate Middleton 31
• Betty White 91
• Lebron James 28
• Liam Hemsworth 23





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