Earth Symbol in Astrology

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The Earth Symbol in Astrology 200px-Earth_symbol.svg

Earth is one of the four traditional elements in western mythology.  Earth symbolizes heaviness as it was understood to be the heaviest of the four classic elements.  Black bile was the humor associated with Earth, as they are both cold and dry, and was also therefore considered part of autumn, when the earth turns cold.  The symbol of Earth represents melancholy people, as these people are dominated by black bile.

The symbol of Earth means a sense of duty and responsibility, meaning people represented by this symbol are very reliable.  These people care about being true to themselves, to their job, and to their family and friends.  Earth symbolizes a guarding of artifacts or health, which bodes well for people affected by the Earth symbol.  A need to protect the physical well-being of people and things can be both good and bad. This symbol reflects people with a practical caution, exercised to protect themselves and the material world around them.  However, Earth means seeing creation as tangible.  This can mean seeing material things as more important than other people or more abstract things like happiness and justice.


Alchemy Earth Symbol

Earth represents people who are sensualists; if they can hear, see, feel, or taste it then they will enjoy it the most of anyone. If the situation cannot be understood sensually it will be lost on them.  They tend to be foodies, music lovers, or art enthusiasts.

The Earth symbol represents people who are grounded firmly.  Though they are adept at applying all the available resources to help problem solve, they do not take big risks.  People represented by the symbol of Earth are very conservative both traditionally and creatively.  There is a sense of caution in Earth type people meaning they are reliable in both word and deed.  They are grounded firmly.  They are also very driven, so much that at times it can be detrimental.  Even though this type of person is practical they have their eyes on only the prize.  They miss some of the major happiness and excitement in the journey of life because they are focused on the tangible finish line.

Earth means belonging for all humans are connected to the earth.  People are drawn to their birth land, because of the language, customs, and understanding that they were raised with.  In many cultures people are also buried underground, returning to the earth, where they will belong for the rest of time.  The idea of an Earth Mother is popular in many cultures, as she is gives life to all flora and fauna.  In this respect all humans are part of the Earth, therefore everyone belongs in the human family by means of being from Mother Earth.


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