Eighth House (Astrology)

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The Eighth House in Astrology

The Eighth House means life, death, and sex. This is the house of secrets. No human has control in this house; rather the powers that be take over. In western astrology this house has power over deeply buried secrets of your life.  This is a house of psychological monsters: feelings basted on unspoken contracts, irrational fears, past experiences, compulsions, and obsessions. If the eighth house is in power, then a person is not in control of their own lives; another person or another power is ruling their every decision. The bank, our lovers, our parents, or an annoying child on the bus, or the idea of death gain control over us and our feelings.  The feelings that will arise will no doubt be negative, such as desire, anger, ecstasy, insecurity, and greed; all bestial feelings.

The Eighth house means inheritance, both financially and psychologically, people inherit money and a particular outlook on life from their ancestors. There is no way of explaining rationally why people think that life should be lived in a certain way, but in growing up in a family leads to unspoken expectations.

It is best to give into the feelings that the Eighth House brings to light, so interpretation of hidden feelings can start. Being aware repressed emotions is much better than ignoring them. Much like the monsters that hide in the closet, feelings only gain power until they are faced. Usually The Eighth House means a fear of death. Every person has to die, and it is one of the first things that is repressed.

When the symbol of The Eighth House is seen the person involved will generally be in need of a Charon to guide them through the rough times to come, and admitting that they are in need of an experienced guide is the first step to not getting trapped in The Eighth House.
This house can represent sex.  Persephone and Pluto are famous for the kind of sex represented by the Eighth House the kind story books cannot describe, the kind that happens behind closed doors, the kind that you hide from your partner. This kind of sex often leads to arguments, as it is a power struggle branching from sex to every aspect in a relationship.

Traditional astrology places Saturn as the ruler of this house. Saturn can inflict a very nasty karma, if the receiver is due for a taste of their own medicine. If a person has been avoiding responsibilities concerning money, love, or self-preservation, there is no doubt that when The Eighth House is mentioned they are going to have reality handed to them.

This is a house of instability. There is probably a large lifestyle change, such as divorce, relocation, or new employment, or as something more dramatic such as the death to someone close, or some ego altering happenstance.


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