Final Fantasy IV characters

What Do the Characters in Final Fantasy Symbolize?


The Heroes of Light in Final Fantasy are symbols for righteousness and good. On the opposite end, the main antagonist of the game Garland also symbolizes the evil and darkness of war. The opposite of light is darkness, and Garland represents that as the game’s main antagonist. Garland’s power to travel through time comes from a Dark Crystal, very blatantly symbolizing the dark power that Garland wields as an evil doer.

The Dark Crystal is also powered by the elemental crystals, and in order to gain the power to travel through time to defeat Garland, the Heroes of Light must fill each crystal with light by slaying the monsters that keep them. Garland also turned out to be the one to put darkness into those crystals in the first place, meaning the power of light is always clashing with the power of darkness.

To further the point that Garland represents great evil, it is revealed that his lair is the Chaos Shrine, where he keeps the Dark Crystal. Chaos is, by definition, disarray and turmoil. In the end of the game, Garland’s plan was to become the embodiment of Chaos.

Considering that Garland has summoned powerful monsters to ravage the world for centuries and has altered time in such a way that it is in complete tumult, it can be assumed that he represents the creature he refers to himself as. You fight literal chaos, as well as the monster Chaos, as the Warriors of Light. Light is considered to be holiness and peace, and your mission in Final Fantasy is to put an end to the time loops to bring a calm to the world once more.



The Four Fiends that Garland summons in Final Fantasy symbolize corruption. The elemental crystals are darkened by these monsters by corrupting the elements themselves. For instance, the Kraken causes violent storms to drown a civilization and corrupt the water crystal. The Lich, known for death, corrupts the earth crystal by destroying vegetation and plains. The Tiamat is also used for blowing an entire village away with wind to darken the wind crystal. To defeat these monsters as the Heroes of Light is to defeat corruption itself, and the opposite of corruption is purity, another meaning for light.

Garland’s name is also a symbol for the character. A garland is a military award in ancient Greece and Rome. This award is a headdress of a wreath of flowers given to heroes from the military. When these heroes died, their wreaths were left on their graves. This name is symbolic to Garland because he used to be a knight of Cornelia, the main city of Final Fantasy, and has become evil and fallen from grace. The garland headdress is also a circular loop, and Garland’s plot to take over the world is to trap himself in a time loop so he may exist for all eternity, so it can be assumed that his name refers to his plan as well.

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