Final Fantasy IV Party Members (1)

What Do the Party Members in FF IV Symbolize?


Cecil Harvey:

Cecil Harvey symbolizes righteousness and misunderstanding. At first, Cecil is a Dark Knight, and darkness is synonymous for bad and evil. During the beginning of Final Fantasy IV, we learn that the King had often commanded Cecil and his crew to do evil things in the name of their kingdom. Cecil is forced to do these things, and is characterized as darkness, which is what people think of Cecil when they see him. Simply because he is a Dark Knight, people inherently refuse to trust him. Cecil is a truly good person though, and his goodness shrouded by his black armor and his title.

He is eventually able to climb a mountain to take a sword and become a Paladin, a symbol of righteousness, with a bright white armor. We see for the first time in Final Fantasy IV that Cecil is not a dark and grizzled warrior, but is instead a handsome and gentle-looking man, showing how truly righteous he is. Throughout the game, we also see Cecil do a number of righteous acts and he is considered by his party to be the most loyal and forgiving man they’ve ever met.


Kain Highwind:

Kain Highwind symbolizes jealousy. Kain had grown up with Cecil under the care of the King of Baron. He was often jealous of Cecil because the king would treat Cecil more like a son than him. Kain and Cecil often fought over this and eventually Highwind grew to be Cecil’s rival. However, he had feelings for Rosa, but Rosa had feelings for Cecil; so Kain grew very jealous of their relationship.

Throughout Final Fantasy IV, Kain is possessed by the main antagonists who use Kain’s own jealousy to control him and force him to do bad things. Kain blames his jealousy, referring to it as a weakness, as the reason he was able to be controlled. This is supported by Kain’s name being drawn from Cain in The Old Testament. Because Cain was jealous of his own brother for God choosing his brother’s gift over his own, Cain became the first murderer by killing his brother as a result of this. This is similar to how Kain tries to kill Cecil (who he was raised with) because Rosa loved Cecil over Kain.


Rydia symbolizes forgiveness. At the beginning of the Final Fantasy IV, Cecil and Kain killed a dragon that was linked to Rydia’s mother, meaning Rydia’s mother also died. Cecil and Kain also inadvertently set off explosives that destroy Rydia’s village.

The duo tries to help Rydia and take her to safety, but when she hears that they killed the dragon and her mother, Rydia sets off an earthquake to get away from them. After this, Rydia refuses to talk to Cecil at all, but begins to trust him once he fights off soldiers meant to end her life.