Final Fantasy IV Party Members (4)

What Do the Party Members in FF IV Symbolize?


Cid Pollendina:

Cid symbolizes creation and advancement. In Final Fantasy IV, Cid is often creating new aircrafts to allow the party to advance further in their quest. Each time the party is stuck, Cid works hard to create a brand new aircraft or device to help them to continue. And if that aircraft is still not enough to further the advancement of the party, Cid just creates a new device to add to the aircraft to ensure it can go wherever the party needs to go.

Towards the end of Final Fantasy IV, he is able to create an entire fleet of aircrafts to assault the enemy base during the final fight, again allowing the party to continue further into the base and defeat Golbez. Being a creator, his last name is a symbolic to Geppetto from the Pinnochio novel. Geppetto’s nickname is polendina, which is a corn mush, because his wig is yellow. Cid’s last name Pollendina is a direct reference to Geppetto, who is considered a miracle creator in the novel by creating a puppet that becomes a boy, while Cid creates his own miracles with how he can always create something to help the party advance.

Edge (Edward Geraldine):

Edge symbolizes anger. In Final Fantasy IV, Edge wants revenge on Rubicante for murdering his parents. He fails in his first attempt to kill Rubicante, which has made him into a stubborn, easily angered, and rude person. The party members often comment on how angry and miserable Edge is, while a few of them try to encourage him to be happier, but Edge stays stubborn and bitter.  When Edge faces off against Rubicante again with the entire party by his side, Rubicante tells Edge that he won’t be any challenge because Edge because his emotions (anger) are a weakness.

In response, Edge becomes even angrier and unlocks new ninjitsu powers to kill Rubicante for his parents.  This proves a point that controlled anger was his strength. However, once Rubicante was killed, Edge had nothing to be angry for and does not let it control him, at the urging of the other members of the party. Because of this, he begins to lighten up and become happier at the end, proving that anger has its place.

Fusoya symbolizes wisdom. Towards the latter part of Final Fantasy IV, Fusoya holds the entire knowledge of what happens in the game, how to achieve victory, and the secret pasts of Cecil and Golbez. Fusoya is the most powerful mage in the game, and magic is generally a symbol for wisdom. He shows great feats of magic and intellect to help the party proceed in the game as well. Fusoya also looks like a wise mage, being elderly with a long beard and luxurious robe outfit, meaning the creators used his look to show how wise he is.