Final Fantasy Party Members (2)

What Do the Party Members in FF IV Symbolize?



Tellah symbolizes revenge. Anna, the daughter of Tellah, ran off with a prince named Edward to elope. Tellah was furious and went after the two; however, when he got there, the city was being attacked by Golbez, the main antagonist. Anna perishes in the attack and tells her father that Golbez had led the attack. Because of this, Tellah was determined to get revenge and kill Golbez for the rest of Final Fantasy IV.

Tellah then went to learn the most powerful magic spell in the land and was told by an elder that he shouldn’t fight for revenge and that if he used that spell that he would die because of his old age. Tellah, still determined to avenge his daughter’s death, learned the spell anyway. He also convinced Edward to be strong and get revenge for his daughter in case he is unable to, meaning that he wants to make sure Golbez got vengeance no matter what.

Eventually, the party faces off against Golbez and everything looks bleak until Tellah begins casting spells, then eventually using the ultimate magic spell because he was so determined to get his revenge on the dark knight. This almost kills Golbez, but he gets away; Tellah, on the other hand, was left dying as a result of using the spell.

His last words were asking his friends to avenge Anna for him, meaning his obsession with revenge was so strong it was all he thought about even until the end. Tellah’s desire for revenge symbolizes the danger of revenge because it eventually killed him without achieving his revenge, meaning there is no positive result to revenge.

Edward Chris von Muir:

Edward symbolizes courage. At first, Edward is very emotional and rather easily scared. When his kingdom is attacked, his lover Anna shows courage by jumping in front of an attack meant to kill Edward. Edward, who is a prince that lost his parents, his kingdom, and his love, is relatively inconsolable because of this. Cecil convinces him to show more bravery and join them on his quest, and Edward does so.

He braves the monster-infested deserts to show the party where they need to go despite having no combat prowess, but often shows signs of weakness. Eventually, he goes to an oasis and plays his harp, and the ghost of Anna appears to convince him to be strong for her sake. This leads to Edward finally showing absolute courage for the remainder of the game. Because of Edward’s courage, he is also able to assist the party members throughout Final Fantasy IV to get proper vengeance on Golbez.