Final Fantasy Party Members (3)

What Do the Party Members in FF IV Symbolize?


Rosa Farrell:

Rosa symbolizes love. Throughout Final Fantasy IV, Rosa’s love is a beacon of strength for herself and those around her. She shows great love for Cecil, which allows her to go various dangers in the game. She is also able to use this love for Cecil to strengthen his confidence in himself. Rosa also puts herself in harm’s way to stop Kain from killing Cecil, and when she is kidnapped by Kain as a result, Cecil uses his love for her to strengthen his will enough to find Kain and get her back.

When Kain recovers from being mind-controlled, Rosa is quick to forgive him due to the love she possesses for Kain. Throughout Final Fantasy IV, Rosa is also positive and discusses how everything will turn out alright for the party. Her positivity and love for those around her strengthens everyone and shows that love can overcome most things and give great power to people. She is also the White Mage class, which is primarily known for being non-combative and more supporting, furthering her role as a symbol of love through gameplay mechanics.

Yang Fang Leiden:

Yang symbolizes selflessness. During the course of Final Fantasy IV, Yang often throws himself into danger to protect others. When informed by Cecil’s party that Golbez will attack his city, Yang wishes to deal with it himself so Cecil and the others are not in danger. Yang is convinced to allow them to help, ultimately, but still insists they be careful. When Rosa is kidnapped, Yang is quick to offer his services to help retrieve her and stop Golbez’s plan, furthering how selfless he is. Later, Rydia falls off of their ship and Yang dives into the dangerous seas save her without hesitation.

Later on in Final Fantasy IV, the party is all about to be attacked by a cannon that will kill them all, but Yang locks himself inside the room, keeping everyone else out. To keep everyone else safe, Yang attacks and forces the cannon to explode, sacrificing himself for his friends. Throughout Final Fantasy IV, Yang is also quick to encourage others not to tease each other or argue, showing even more care and selflessness for his friends.

Yang Fang Leiden’s name also symbolizes his selflessness, as his first name, Yang, refers to the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang.  Yang is considered to be the positive part of the dualistic energies, which describes Yang’s outlook and selflessness. His last name, Leiden, is a German verb meaning “to suffer.” This is in reference to how Yang often suffers by putting himself in harm for the well-being of others.