Gray Fox

Frank Jaeger, codenamed Gray Fox, appears in Metal Gear Solid as the “Cyborg Ninja” whose identity is hidden for the majority of the game. When we see him, he is a very insane and disturbed individual who murders for enjoyment. We find out that he was Solid Snake’s old friend, and that he was altered after Snake was thought to have killed him in battle years ago. This is why Gray Fox symbolizes the madness of war.

Gray Fox was almost dead when he was picked up by The Patriots and restored to life through cybernetic surgery. He was then used as a test subject for the gene therapy experiments, which ended up not being a complete success. It caused him to have imperfect nerve connections and caused him extreme pain on occasion. He was used by FOXHOUND’s guinea pig for experiments and eventually lost his mind all in the name of trying to make him the perfect soldier. Gray Fox’s madness was a result of the war, and it eventually came back to haunt FOXHOUND, as he killed everyone in the laboratory he was held in and escaped.

Throughout the game, Gray Fox is on a mission to remember who he is by fighting Solid Snake again. He goes to Shadow Moses Island and feels compelled to gruesomely kill random innocents in an effort to get Snake’s attention. When Snake meets him, he demands that Snake hurts him multiple times because it makes him feel alive, showing his insanity. He also tells Snake that he wants to fight him so his soul can rest, regardless of the outcome, meaning he thinks the pain is all because he has a tortured soul. After Snake faces Gray Fox in combat, he starts to spasm and thrash his head against the floor, screaming that he’s losing himself. Truly, Gray Fox is completely mad at this point.

However, even though Gray Fox was forced into madness by war, he still attempts to show a desire to do the right thing, meaning that even through war’s insanity, people can still be good. Gray Fox wishes to do the right thing by helping Solid Snake achieve his mission secretly throughout Metal Gear Solid. When Snake is close to dying by being crushed by the Metal Gear Rex, Gray Fox saves him and sacrifices his own life to weaken the mech. Before Gray Fox dies, he tells Snake that they are not tools of the government, showing that even though war had tried to break him mentally, he still maintained some goodness in himself.

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