Hatch Door in Lost

Hatch Door Meaning in Lost

The hatch door in Season 1 of Lost is symbolic for faith. Throughout the latter half of Season 1, the hatch door was a focus of John Locke and Boone Carlyle. They both tried to open up the hatch, thinking that it would lead to something great and helpful for the group. They spent weeks trying in vain to open it up, but each attempt led to failure. Locke believed that the island wanted him to open up the hatch and even though Boone had wanted to give up at one point, Locke was able to convince him to believe in opening it up again. This shows the faith that they both had in the island’s direction to open up the hatch.

Eventually, they created a trebuchet to try and break the glass of the door open, but it led to Locke getting injured and being unable to walk, just like how he was unable to walk before the island. Soon after, on their way to the hatch one day, Boone and Locke come across a plane teetering on a cliff. Boone got inside and the plane tipped over, mortally wounding him. Later that night, Locke went to the hatch and screamed at it, telling it (and the island) that he was doing everything it wanted and that he didn’t understand why it would allow this to happen. This shows that the faith both Locke and Boone had failed them and caused them great harm. When Locke was screaming at the hatch, a beacon of light escaped from it. This led to Locke having his faith returned, assuming it was a miracle.

Jack later thought the hatch would be a good place to hide and keep safe and opened up the hatch door with dynamite. Although Jack and the others are able to open up the hatch, they are far from safe because of it because of murders that take place in the hatch.

Locke continues to have faith in the station that is inside the hatch by pressing a button every 108 minutes. This button is said to be important, but the purpose is never known for much of this time. His faith is ultimately shattered when a video claims that the button is just a psychological test and because a prisoner had lied about pressing the button and nothing happening. Locke is then convinced he needs to prove nothing will happen if he doesn’t press the button, losing his faith in the island and the hatch entirely.

Desmond Hume, a man who was in the hatch for many years, was stranded down there and almost wanted to kill himself. He had his faith restored when he heard Locke screaming at the hatch one night and shined a light on him. When the rest of the survivors entered the hatch, he ran away and tried to sail off the island, losing his faith entirely when he was drawn back to the island again. When Desmond learns that Locke was the one who was screaming at the hatch door before, he is convinced that fate made him stop from committing suicide that day so he could stop the hatch from exploding. This proves how Desmond, Locke, and Boone’s faith had fluctuated multiple times because of the hatch.