Liquid Snake

What Does Liquid Snake Symbolize?

Liquid Snake symbolizes rebellion. In Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake serves as the primary antagonist of the game. He and Solid Snake are brothers cloned by Big Boss, but Liquid Snake was supposedly given all of Big Boss’s “inferior” recessive genes while Solid was given the “superior” dominant genes. This made Liquid want to rebel against what was meant for him by proving he was superior to Solid in every way. For everything that Solid did, Liquid wanted to do better.

One example given is that while Solid knew six languages while Liquid learned seven just to be superior to him. Liquid had wanted to kill Big Boss as well because of this since he thought that Big Boss chose Liquid to be the “inferior” clone. When he learned that Solid killed Big Boss instead, Liquid became determined to prove himself absolutely superior to Solid by taking over Solid’s old unit, FOXHOUND, and wanted to make it better than it ever was. This shows his rebellion against inferiority by trying to do everything he could to be superior.

Liquid eventually rebels against the United States government and uses FOXHOUND to take over the Shadow Moses Island facility and gain the Metal Gear Rex. He was tired of being used by the government and wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, Big Boss, and rebel against them as Big Boss did. Like Big Boss, Liquid Snake wanted to create a haven for soldiers who were constantly abused and used by the government (not unlike Solid Snake). He thought this would give the soldiers a purpose again by starting this war. This shows Liquid’s rebellion as a fellow soldier against the government that had helped him become the “superior” clone.

At the end of Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake wanted to fight Solid Snake alone to show he was superior in every way. Even though his plan had been ruined, Liquid wanted still rebel against his birthright as the inferior clone by killing Solid in hand-to-hand combat. Although Solid had beaten Liquid in their encounter, Liquid chased him out of the facility. While he was moments away from killing Solid, he was killed by the FOXDIE virus that he was infected with by the United States government, meaning Liquid Snake was defeated by the government he wanted to rebel against, implying that the government will quell the rebellion in the end.