Metal Gear Rex

The Metal Gear Rex is a symbol for war. The main theme of Metal Gear Solid is that war is terrible. The Metal Gear Rex symbolizes war’s corruption because it was initially created as a defensive mobile bipedal tank, but it was all a front so they could make it a deadly weapon. In Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Rex is built on Shadow Moses Island in secrecy and uses its rail gun to fire nuclear arms purposefully to avoid an anti-nuke treaty that prevented nuclear weapons from being fired from ballistics. Because of how the Metal Gear Rex was created, it would also be the perfect size to avoid being detected by radar. This shows the dishonesty of Metal Gear Rex, showing that the mech is a creation of evil and also a result of the war.

Metal Gear Rex is taken over by FOXHOUND before the game begins to fire a nuke at the White House. Because this tank was built to work for purely defensive mechanisms and altered to fire nukes, it was allowed to be used for terroristic attacks. This was because the United States was so eager to bend the rules of their anti-nuke treaty and gain an advantage over their enemies, furthering the proof that was is the result of this terrible terrorist attack.

Hal Emmerich, a scientist who worked on Metal Gear Rex, was also completely ignorant of the true purposes of the tank. He thought that he was creating a great defensive tank to help his country, but when Solid Snake interrogates him he realizes the horror that he helped create a nuclear weapon launcher for the government’s underhanded uses.  This symbolizes how war uses people to create awful things, emphasizing the awful results of war. This is emphasized when Solid Snake is forced to collect PAL keys, thinking that if he were to input all of them, he would be able to shut down Metal Gear Rex. However, when he inputs these keys, it is revealed that the PAL keys were used to activate it instead, meaning Snake actually helped FOXHOUND activate the mech.

At the end of the game, Snake is forced to fight the Metal Gear Rex and destroy it. This is symbolic for Snake’s fight against the corruption of war in large. While Solid Snake tries to destroy the Metal Gear, the terrorist leader Liquid Snake is piloting it, meaning Solid Snake is attempting to destroy the creation of war and all of the terrible results that it has brought with it.