Numbers in Lost

The numbers were the winning lottery numbers that Hugo “Hurley” Reyes won $114 million dollars. Throughout Lost, Hurley had incredible bad luck after winning the money and believed the numbers were cursed. This is shown to be true throughout the series because the numbers are constantly seen when bad things happen. Because of this, the numbers in Lost symbolize bad occurrences. When Hurley was in a mental institution, he heard of the numbers from a mental patient who repeated the numbers constantly. When he later went back to ask the mental patient about all of the bad luck, he suddenly becomes more lucid and starts shouting that Hurley should not have played the numbers because they were cursed.

Because of Hurley’s lottery win with the numbers, he lost his best friend, his grandfather died of a heart attack, a meteor destroys the restaurant he buys, the business he invested in had multiple deaths, and his mother’s house burned down. This bad luck is confirmed when he finds that another lottery winner who had used the numbers had bad luck until he killed himself.

On the island, Hurley asked Danielle Rousseau why she had the numbers written on papers repeatedly, and she told him that it was because she followed those coordinates and crashed on the island. Her crew then got sick and she had to kill them all. She admitted that the numbers were cursed as well. When the group tries to open up the hatch, Hurley tries to stop them because the numbers are engraved on the side. The hatch ends up being a containment to stop the island from emitting a giant electromagnetic pulse. The password that they had to input in a computer to contain the electromagnetic pulse was the very same numbers that Hurley was terrified of. In the end, they learn that because the password wasn’t inputted one time, it led to the Oceanic Flight 815 crashing and causing everyone to be stuck on the island.

Aside from this, the numbers are constantly showing up throughout the series individually or together in some form. Usually when they appear, they are a symbol that something bad is happening or something bad is going to happen. These numbers normally appear very subtly, and only viewers who paid close attention would notice them appearing. They were purposefully placed in these scenes according to the executive producers for the direct purpose of showing bad omens for people who were looking for these numbers.