Illuminati Pyramid of Power

What does the Illuminati Power Pyramid Symbolize?


The Illuminati are all about power, and exerting their power over the masses. Allegedly, pyramid symbols represent the power structure within the Illuminati. Similar to how a business works, with the bosses and CEO’s being at the top, and the laborers on the bottom of the scale. The Illuminati pyramid is a reminder to the rest of who rules over the weak.

Now, not all pyramids are Illuminati pyramids, let’s get that straight. If you see a pyramid do not jump to conclusions and associate it with the Illuminati, but in certain circumstances, it is believed that it may be a subliminal message from the Illuminati.

The pyramid of power places members of the Illuminati into their respective positions within the secret society. The Illuminati pyramid is also known as the Lucifer Power Pyramid. It is quite similar to the structure of capitalism in a sense, with the proletariat on the bottom (working class), and the bourgeoisie (business elites) on the top.

The pyramid of power works in quite the same way. The very bottom of the Illuminati pyramid is where the “debt slaves” are situated. Debt slaves live the prototypical kind of lifestyle you and I are most accustomed to. This is we are born, go into education, earn a job, pay our taxes, debts, retire, and then die. According to the pyramid power theory, this level is known as the population resource to the Illuminati. The next level is world population control, where individuals become indoctrinated into certain belief systems.
In particular, religious teachings, citizen spy networks through the government (NSA), education systems, and control from the media and television. Above world population control is world resource control, in which the gold, oil, diamonds, and a variety of other vital materials are held by multi-national corporations. If it is not evident by now, the pyramid power theory holds that the higher up the pyramid you get, the more powerful societal forces are present.

The next level of the pyramid of power is where the banks are situated, and then followed by secret societies (Illuminati), the world’s wealthiest families, and even the United Nations. Finally, at the very top of the pyramid of power are demons and spirits, the entities that the elites worship.

Pyramid symbols are used in many different shapes and forms. Most popularly, pyramids are famous in Egyptian culture. Pyramid symbols were not created with the Illuminati in mind. However, there are people that would probably tell you otherwise. Nevertheless, the Illuminati and other organizations have adopted the pyramid symbol as a means of representing control and domination. The pyramid power theory is a terrific illustration of how this system of control operates.

The Illuminati pyramid is secretive in a sense, but the Illuminati and other secret societies thrive off of playing with the emotions of those below them, and as a means of satisfying the demons they worship, members do hint at their allegiance to the group in society. Consequently, the pyramid symbol, the pyramid of power, and pyramid power theory are all means of showcasing, and indicating the power they have over the general public.

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