Running in Lost

Kate Austen is seen running away for most of Lost. The reasons that Kate would often run away is because she didn’t want to be accountable for the things she’s done. This means that running is a symbol for avoiding accountability for Kate. This begins for Kate when she kills her stepfather by blowing up her own house and making it look like it was the result of a gas leak. When she told her mother what she had done, her mother informed the police about what happened. This is what has led Kate to constantly run away from the accountability for her actions of murdering her father.

She is then caught by a US Marshal, but when the Marshal has a car accident, Kate flees so she can continue running away. When she went to visit her mother when she was sick, her old friend was working at the hospital she went to. After she began to run away when her mother called for help, her friend goes into the car with her and tries to convince Kate to stop. She refused and continued to run away. As a result, her friend was shot and killed by the police and Kate ran away, showing that even with other people in danger, she still must run away from the accountability of her actions.

When Kate does end up finding a new life in Florida and gets married to a police officer, assuming the identity of a woman named Monica, Kate ends up calling the US Marshal who had been chasing her and begs him to stop chasing her. The marshal agrees and states that he’ll stop chasing Kate so long as she stays where she is. Unfortunately, Kate has a pregnancy scare and realizes that she can’t own up to the responsibilities and continue to lie to her husband. The accountability of her lies and a potential pregnancy is enough for Kate to run away yet again, leaving a perfect life where she wouldn’t be hunted down to avoid that accountability.

While Kate was on the island, she was forced to be accountable for everything she had done. During which time, she was found out as a murderer and a fugitive and ostracized by the group on multiple occasions. She had nowhere to run as well when she had made bad decisions, meaning she was placed on the island specifically so she couldn’t run anymore and had to face accountability for her actions

When Kate manages to get off the island and is raising Aaron as her own child, claiming she gave birth to him on the island. The truth was that Aaron was the son of Claire, a woman who was left behind. Eventually, a lawyer came up to Kate and demanded that she take a blood test to prove she was Aaron’s real mother. This led to Kate running away so she wouldn’t have to be accountable for lying about the child being hers. She finally ran away to the island again after she briefly lost Aaron in a grocery store, leading to Kate giving Aaron to her grandmother and ran away because she couldn’t face the accountability of potentially raising Aaron wrongly.