Seven of Chalices

The Seven of Chalices is a representation in Tarot card reading that represents an illusion. The symbol of the Seven Chalices speaks to over-imagination, confusion, or wishful thinking. The seven cups float on a cloud, showing that sometimes even the choices that seem like the best option are actually not real choices at all.  They are chalices of vision;  they are ungrounded and impractical.

Above each of the seven chalices there is a symbol of a choice to be made.  The symbol of a snake represents wisdom and knowledge, though it might also represent animalistic passion and desire, and in effect base knowledge being understood as the truest form of knowledge.  A pile of treasure means abundance and wealth.  A human head means a human companion for the card holder, through friendship or love.  A castle or tower represents power and stability; it could also represent the holder’s native country as one’s mother country is always a source of support.

The laurel wreath’s interpretation is of victory, honor, or status though the shadow from the wreath on the cup is in the shape of a skull symbolizing the dangers of vanity and pride as a result of any or all of these things.  Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.  A dragon represents supernatural forces in a modern interpretation. Classically, in Christian imagery, the dragon symbol represents evil, anger, calamity, and envy, another deadly sin.

The Seven of Chalices means a difficult choice.  These illusionary cups represent as prizes, but there is always one or two cups with danger inside.  Often times, there are many choices in life, and there is only one correct path to take.  All too often these options are disguised as something marvelous that will only lead to pain and suffering in the long run. More often than not, none of the seven choices are even real.

The Seven of Chalices can also mean overindulgence, or distraction.  With so many options it is easy to get sidetracked from the true path.  It takes a very discerning eye to see what the true path is through all the smoke and mirrors of modern life.  Often times, a choice is made and there is no way of knowing it is the wrong choice until the end of the path.  Even if it is known that the path is not the true path the Chalices take a victim who has lost the desire to be on the right path. The wrong path is full of enjoyable things that fuel the seven deadly sins, and that person is lost to their desires.

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