Fire Symbol in Astrology

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The Fire Symbol  200px-Alchemy_fire_symbol.svg

Fire is one of the four classical elements. Each of these four elements represents a base nature, or a simplest form of everything in the universe. Fire is classically understood to be hot and dry, and is associated with the humor of plasma, one of the four humors on which early doctors understood the body to function.

Fire is a dual-natured symbol.  Fire means destruction and chaos. Much the same way that a forest fire burns everything in sight, the symbol of Fire can be interpreted as a loss of everything physical or emotional.  In the same sense Fire can mean consumption, engulfing everything in its path. Fire can also mean cleansing.  After a forest fire there is room for new growth and life.  Fire’s meaning can be a fresh start, a renewal of purpose, or a rebirth.  The phoenix is a mythological bird who embodies this aspect of fire.  At the end of the phoenix’s life it dies by fire and a new hatchling is born from the ashes.  The symbol of the phoenix can share interpretation with the symbol of Fire.

Fire means strong emotion such as love, anger, passion, aggression, and assertiveness. It is often understood that humans’ strongest emotions are likened to fire.  Love and anger can both be blazing like a fire.  Fire also describes a person’s drive to achieve goals.  Passion and aggression fall into this desire to achieve goals.  If a person really has a goal described by fire they will stop at nothing to achieve it.  Passion can mean many different emotions, but passionate emotions are always linked to a person’s animalistic desires.  Fire can also mean simply energy, without a specific emotion attached.  Energy to get out of bed in the morning, or to make an effort in relationships, or to run about in the wilderness; any way energy can be understood fire’s interpretation is the fuel to it.

Despite strong emotions fire can also be inviting, friendly, and reminiscent of home.  In traditional western mythology Prometheus gave fire to man as a gift, so they could protect themselves.  In much the same way fire can be understood as a life-giving gift, especially in cold climates.  A friendly hearth can save a lonesome traveler from a frosty death, just as a friendly disposition can melt the icy hearts of the meanest of people.
Fire can also represent evil or the fallen angel himself Lucifer.  In western traditional understanding of heaven and hell, hell is a fiery pit where sinners spend the rest of eternity.  In relation to evil, hellish understanding of the meaning of fire there is also the understanding of the symbol of chaos as evil; a thing to be delighted in by evil souls.  The warm colors of the spectrum can also be understood as evil or chaos. Because fire is red, yellow, and orange these colors symbolize the same things as fire symbolizes, be it evil, chaos, or otherwise.


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