Hayden McClaine in FX’s American Horror Story


Hayden McClaine as a Symbol

American Horror Story’s Hayden McClaine is the young woman that Ben Harmon had an affair with. The character of Hayden McClaine is a rather disturbed and detached woman that becomes very psychotic as the series goes on. Because of this, Hayden is a symbol for deception.

During American Horror Story Hayden is often seen lying to Ben in order to force him to do things for her. When it comes to Hayden, Ben lies about her to his family and directly lies to Hayden as well. Meanwhile, the character of Hayden McClaine is constantly lying to Ben and his family in order to get what she wants. In American Horror Story Hayden is convinced to have an abortion by Ben because she is carrying his child, but she lies about it and decides she will extort Ben over it instead.

She is about to get what she wants from Ben, but Larry Harvey murders her. This leads to Ben having to lie and be deceitful in order to keep her death a secret so his wife doesn’t find out Hayden was pregnant with his child and so he would not get questioned for her death.

Hayden McClaine’s character arc doesn’t end there because she returns as a ghost, wanting to gain revenge on Ben. Using her abilities as a ghost, she is able to do tricks to terrorize Ben’s wife Vivien. Ben immediately assumes that because of Hayden McClaine’s character that she faked her death with Larry. In a moment of irony, she threatens to kill Vivien unless Ben is honest with his wife about having an affair with her.

But Hayden continues to try making Vivien go insane by torturing her in an effort to put her in an insane asylum. Vivien assumes that Ben was lying and working with Hayden in order to get her to go crazy so he can run away with her, showing more confusion and deception around her.

Later, Ben is questioned by the police about Hayden’s disappearance. Hayden appears and tells them that she is fine only so she can be with Ben since Vivien is gone. However, Ben denies her and she lies and tells Ben that Vivien is cheating on him out of spite, continuing to be deceptive.

Still wanting to be with Ben, she has a corpse moved from the Murder House so Ben doesn’t get taken to prison. This shows that throughout American Horror Story Hayden is the center of all lies, making her the symbol for deception.