Jupiter Symbol in Astrology

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The Jupiter Symbol Meaning Jupiter Astrology Symbol

Jupiter represents justice and perfect order.  Jupiter is the middle plant of our solar system (if you still count dwarf Pluto), with four planets before and four planets after. Jupiter is the perfect combination of two philosophies, it represents balance.  Jupiter’s rule is law, but it must be just and balanced or else havoc would reign.  The metal symbol of Jupiter is tin, and tin symbolizes meditation and balance.  Tin is between the hot Mars, represented by Iron, and the cold Saturn, represented by lead.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and for that reason also the King of the gods in traditional western mythology.  Size matters for protection and authority.  A king protects his subjects, and to do so he must be large and imposing to keep away threats.  Traditionally kings are represented by being large physically, but kings are also large in character as well.  They command authority and respect, because they are the biggest in the room and because they protect the smaller people from harm.

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True to the name of king some symbols that represent Jupiter’s kingliness are a crown, a sword, and a lightning bolt.  All these represent the supremacy, wealth, abundance, and optimism, experience, and generosity.  Kings protect with a sword, and rule with a crown, but they also must protect and serve their people from non-human threats like hunger and poverty.  If people are distraught or downtrodden it is the kings job to feed and clothe them with his generosity, or bolster them up with his optimism.

Wisdom and experience play into this symbol, as a wise king must rely on his experience to make good choices.  Jupiter means maturity though time of growth.  No king was ever born, they are raised though good choices and destroyed though poor ones.  If a king has made it far enough in life to be respected, especially the kind of respect that the king of the gods deserves, it is a sign of much experience.  Growth though experience yields wisdom and a wise king is a successful king.  The Greek letter zeta is part of the Jupiter symbol, and it symbolizes the number seven, meaning perfection from scholarly pursuits and order.

Jupiter is said to have effect on a person’s luck, wealth, prosperity, and confidence.  Kings inspire confidence in their armies during time of war and conquest.  Jupiter means wealth and prosperity, true to a King’s life.  Jupiter was understood to be father of many gods and half gods, being prosperous and showing his supremacy in a traditionalist understanding of manliness.  Jupiter means luck, because when someone is king of the gods luck also recognizes their position.

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