Libra in Astrology

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Libra is represented by the sign of the scales, and is one of the twelve star signs in modern western astrology.  It is the only inanimate symbol. In ancient Egypt mythology it was understood that when a person died their heart would be weighed by the god Anubis against the Feather of Truth.  If the heart was heavier than the Feather then their heart was fed to Ammit and that was the end of that person’s life and afterlife.  The symbol of the scales continues to this day to mean justice and judgment.

Libra symbolizes harmony and balance thanks to a just way of life.  People represented by the Libra symbol are kind and fair, and expect the rest of the world to be that way, too.  Libras can be understood as mediators in arguments.  The sign of the scales is interpreted as judgment of all things to ensure a fair ruling.   Just as unfair it is to weigh human hearts against a feather to see if they are worthy to go live in the afterlife in Egyptian mythology it is also unfair for Libras to hold everyone to the same justice system as everyone is different. Libra2

Libras, in their attempt to be fair, come off as diplomatic.  They are sociable, well-liked by many people, and they negotiate situations so everyone thinks they are happy with the terms.  They think that everyone lives by the same justice system as they do, and therefor do not understand the unfairness they inflicting on a situation as they sway people into thinking their way is best.  To aid the diplomatic nature of people represented by the Libra symbol they are respectful, refined, and accommodating.  Just when you think that they are on your side is when to look out for them.  They always present themselves well: nice clothes, good manners, granting you your hearts desires.

Libra means manipulation, if “diplomatic” can mean manipulative, in the way politicians are “diplomatic.” Libras have a longing for comradeship—deep meaningful friendships.  They want everything and everyone to be fair their way.  Their diplomatic nature can make friendships, but if they just want comradeship often times these friendships do not last.

Libra can also be interpreted as artistic and indecisive.  Trying to keep the universe fair is grounds for indecision because every decision means someone will get the shorter end of some proverbial stick.  Libras find art a relief from these demanding day to day decisions and they use art as an escape from the real world of justice and politics.  In art there is no right, wrong, happy, or sad.  Art is for art’s sake, and brings some balance to this world so ruled by politics.


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