Mars in Astrology

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The Mars Symbol 200px-Mars_symbol.svg

Mars is the god of war, and represents inner animal instinct in mankind. Mars is the ruler of the sign of Aries, and depicts energy, action, and desire. Mars means the drive that gets people out of bed in the morning. He guides a person’s destiny.

The Symbol of Mars is the sword and shield of war. Mars means how a person faces the difficult aspects of their life, how the figuratively “go into war.”  The symbol of the shield and sword also represents illumination and clarity of the dark parts of a person’s self.  This represents honesty when dealing with the deep dark secrets that a person carries under the surface of their conscious. Mars can be interpreted as the process of understanding the animalistic secrets that modern humans have learned to hide under layers of good behavior and polite nature.

Mars is masculine. The animal qualities of aggression, anger, and survival are represented by the symbol of Mars. Sexual desire, in the sense of lust, is part of the Mars interpretation, meaning only the body attraction, not the romantic or intellectual attraction.  Mars also represents the creative energy of the psyche without the restraints of the conscious will.  What causes anger, what manifests fight or flight.  Mars can be understood as competitive nature, or the expression of enthusiasm.  Mars keeps life exciting, and provides the spark of motivation and desire. If a person is in need of a spark to start a new project, or needs the drive, discipline, will power, or stamina to finish a project, Mars would rule over those traits.

The symbol of Iron is paired with Mars.  Iron represents strength or reliance to see a battle or goal through to the end. Iron represents a steady and consistent force in achieving goals.  Iron is the fourth step to reaching philosophical gold, the ultimate goal of self-actualization.  Determination and discipline are needed to achieve self-actualization.

Mars the planet is very cold and could support life if all the water was not frozen into ice.  The only heat on the entire plant is focused into one giant volcano.  It can then be understood that Mars means a focused heat, desire, or brooding.  Negative side effects of people influenced by Mars are impulsive nature, rash judgments, impatience, aggressiveness and force, as though all of a person’s energy is focused in one mountainous area of anger or base desire.  Though being focused and goal oriented achieves a grand goal, the rest of that person’s life is cold and unable to support life.


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