Meet Your Symbolists



Angela Smith graduated from Cedar Crest College in 2013 with a B.A in Global Studies and a minor in Religious Studies. Her interests include the use of symbolism in marketing and pop culture and the use of symbolism in religious texts.

In her free time Angela enjoys knitting and baking. She is a social justice advocate and is passionate about ending poverty both in her community and the world. You can visit her blog at .




Denise Sullivan’s educational background is twofold, having an Associate’s degree in Journalism and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. The subject of symbols is a personal interest, as she often wondered what prompted many of the symbols used in literature, music, and religion.

When she’s not behind the computer working on her latest project, Denise spends her time reading (both classic and contemporary literature) and spending quality time with her family.

Denise also manages two blogs, as she has time: and .




Grace received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, Fullerton. Born and raised in San Francisco, She was a regular storyteller with Litup Writers and appeared on True Fiction Radio.

Currently residing in Chicago, she has been published in the Journal of Modern Poetry and performed as Silvia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona.  As a connoisseur of theater she is especially drawn to symbolism in classical literature.

Chekhov’s constant mention of “Moscow” in The Three Sisters, representing a sense of hope for the future continues to be a source of inspiration for all her endeavors.



Kyle is a Senior Honors student at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where he is majoring in Sociology. As a Sociology student, Kyle has critically examined cultures, social movements, politics, spaces, crime, symbols, and many other entities theoretically in his work.


Kyle has also worked as a student researcher, undertaking qualitative and quantitative studies. Kyle’s research included the causes of teenage prostitution and causes of low youth voter turnout in Canada among others. In addition, Kyle possesses an associates degree from St. Clair College in Criminal Justice.


He graduated on the academic honor roll with a cumulative GPA of 3.8. Kyle has also been active in his local community, volunteering for a variety of non-profit organizations. Including Special Olympics, Crime Stoppers, and the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County.




Rachel studied English Literature at the University of Iowa.  Her favorite symbols are colors, abstract symbols, and references referring to mythology and religion; she also likes motifs.

In her free time she blogs for , teaches ESL, studies music, and talks to people in Bahasa Indonesia.





Sean Boulger studied Creative Writing at Cal State Long Beach and currently writes professionally in Los Angeles and all over the Internet. He loves minimalism, pop culture, storytelling in just about all its forms, and two cats.


He can be found picking apart the symbols and subtext of anything from TV shows to electronic music over at com.




Trevor is a graduate of California University of Pennsylvania with two bachelor’s degrees in Secondary Education and English. He has enjoyed writing his entire life and passes his time by reading books and comics, listening to music, and watching television and movies.

His favorite symbols subjects are music, movies, and television. Trevor also has a blog in which he discusses the writing of his various favorite topics here: