Mercury in Astrology

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The Mercury Symbol258px-Blue_Mercury_symbol.svg

Mercury is traditionally the messenger god in Western mythology and rules over those people with the Gemini birth sign.
Mercury would fly with his winged helmet to deliver news quickly, and is often depicted as the smallest of the gods. Mercury is a small planet, and it is also the fastest to orbit the sun. Mercury represents small, unassuming people, who are very quick witted and quick of feet.  Because they are so small most people don’t expect this from them, but their size offers an advantage in the speed department.  The wigged helmet is the most famous representation of Mercury.  It represents agility, as well as speed, which is needed when flicking about between the realms of the gods.

Mercury means travel.  Mercury was the only god fast enough to move around from each of the god’s domains to deliver messages, and thus has the best understanding of travel, and how exciting and stressful it can be.

The symbol of Mercury represents commercial gain.  If Mercury is represented, it means gaining or losing money.  Mercury means gain in the sense of commerce, and other legal ways of acquiring goods and services.  Mercury is also in charge of thievery, and other dark ways to obtain wealth.

People represented by the symbol of Mercury function as idea factories.  They have an open mind, are intelligent, and always have a new idea to entertain.  Most of the time, these idea-reveling people are Geminis, as they enjoy bring up new ideas to inspire and entertain other people around them.  The Mercury symbol starts at the top with an open crescent, interpreted as the openness and free thinking; welcoming new ideas into the mind. This crescent is flowed next by a complete circle underneath, symbolizing contemplation and adds substance to the ideas that come from the crescent.  After that, there is an equal-armed cross, meaning solidification of the ideas.  This cross is the means through which ideas become reality, after weighing the pros and cons, and deciphering if it is a good addition to the earth.  Mercury is a planet of the mind, always opening and moving.
Mercury symbolizes poetry.  Elegance, intelligence, dexterity of the mind, elusiveness, communication, and loquaciousness are all present when Mercury is.  Poetry is a difficult art form to use for communication, but being loquacious and elusive are both useful for perfecting this art form.  The symbol of Mercury pinpoints people who are intelligent, and are amused with words and making them both tricky and beautiful.  Much like their own personalities, poets represented by Mercury pick their friends and associates based on who can muster up the same elegance, and by those who can understand their poetic nature.


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