Natal Chart

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Natal_chartThe Natal Chart and its Symbolism

Natal Charts represent an understanding or ordering of a person’s life.  A Natal Chart is a map of the Universe with the subject of study at the center of the map. The map is specific to the subjects day of birth, and depicts which planets were in a powerful position as well as where the sun, the moon, and anything else that happened to be in the sky on the day of their birth. It helps in understanding personality traits, and is understood through zodiac signs and houses. The degrees are needed for placing the position of the subjects twelve houses to understand what element of the subject is defined as rising or ascendant, setting or descendant, culminating up or medium coeli, and culminating down or imum coeli. These degrees are based on when the subject took their first breath in the living world, and thereby makes each natal chart very specific and very personal.

Every person is affected more or less by each of the astrological signs and houses, so if the subject identifies as a Pisces he cannot rule out the fact that he also has some pull toward the sign of Scorpio as well, depending on the time of year and how the planets are aligned at a given time.

Time of birth is decided based on Greenwich Mean Time, and then converted to sidereal time in order to calculate the ascendant and medium coeli to understand how modern time and star time line up. The ascendant starts in the East with the rising sun, and from there the houses can be determined. To interpret the chart a reader will weigh the chart, understanding the significance of the zodiac signs and houses on the subject’s personality, and chart shaping, looking at significant aspect patterns.

Natal Charts’ meaning is to understand the soul’s purpose, or as a map of how to live one’s life. The sun symbol is positioned on the chart suggests how to have vitality and sanity by showing what kind of success should be striven for. The symbol of the moon depicts happiness and shows what the subject needs to do to nurture deep desires. The nodes of the moon represent what path should be taken, or the steps to the subjects journey. The Ascendant symbol gives understanding to how to be most confident and effective. Each of the planets have their own meanings as well, and can be used to discern everything from love to wealth to luck.

If the Symbol of the Natal Chart is found in literature, would shallowly translate that the character is lost and unsure of themselves.  Deeper, it is understood that even in the best of times when a character has everything they could possibly want, but are still unhappy, that perhaps they are not living the life that the Universe has in store for them.  Being true to their own nature is vital for happiness; dreams of wealth, fame, power, and true love are not always what make people happy.


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