33rd Degree Freemason

Symbolism and Freemasonry33-degree-mason-symbol

33 Degrees is not the name of some boy band. 33 Degrees is noted as representing a 33rd Degree Mason. The 33rd Masonic Degree and Scottish Rite Degree, is the highest honor a Freemason can receive. A Rite is a series of degrees given to Freemasons, with a 33rd Masonic Degree being the top level, to a certain extent. To receive a Scottish Rite Degrees within Freemasonry, an individual must obtain a “Petition for Degrees” from the Freemason Lodge.

The Degree of Freemasons typically falls in three categories, with the ultimate being a 32nd Masonic Degree. With respects to Scottish Rite Degrees, Degree 32 is actually the highest one that can be achieved theoretically.

The 33rd Masonic Degree is more of an honorary award given from the Lodge to those Freemasons that go above and beyond, exceeding expectations within the Degrees of Freemasons. The 33rd Masonic Degree is ultimately conferred by the Scottish Rite Degree, but is still unofficial considering it is still an honorary degree.

The 33 Degree Mason symbol and other Degree of Freemasons symbols looks similar to one another. The only difference being the number on the emblem changes depending on what Degree of Freemason that individual possesses. The 33 Degree Mason symbol would then consists of two eagles positioned in opposite directions; the eagles are usually accompanied with a crown on top. The eagles are seen clutching, or perched on top of a sword.

As is typical within secret societies, the 33 Degree Mason symbol includes a pyramid, or triangle situated in the center of the diagram. The number corresponding to the Degree of Freemasons is placed in the triangle. The 33 Degree Mason symbol is most often used at ceremonies and other events at the Lodge. Other Scottish Rite Degrees are also honored at the Lodge. Lodges are simply organizational units for the gatherings of Freemasons, with several located throughout North America.

Of great interest to many people today is finding out which elites in society are part of the 33rd Masonic Degree. The 33rd Masonic Degree is awarded to the brightest, best, and with the highest seniority in the fraternity, so it has been awarded to well-known people. These famous figures include Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, Franklin Roosevelt, and Bob Dole.

There is certainly a theme with the individuals that hold a 33rd Masonic Degree and Scottish Rite Degree: the vast majority are influential politicians of our time, are powerful, and possess a high status position in society. If you are hoping to become a 33rd Degree Mason, then your best chance would be to become a powerful figure like those mentioned above. Definitely have your
work cut out.