Sagittarius Symbol in Astrology

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The Sagittarius Symbol Meaning Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius is represented by the symbols of the Archer and the Centaur.  Centaurs, in classical Western mythology, are deadly archers, focused, accurate, yet violent and deadly.  Centaurs are half of the human world and half of the animal world; they are a blend of all the best qualities.  Centaurs can hear the whisperings of the natural world, they understand what the stars and trees are saying.  Centaurs also possess man-like qualities of prizing success and having goals.  This makes the very philosophical.  They are not governed by emotions the way mankind is, so they have a clear picture of how the world works.  The symbol of the Bow and Arrow belonging to the archer means that Sagittarius shoots for their goals, and is focused on the jackpot of their dreams.

Sagittarius firstly represents activity, connotations of activity do not sway either to the dark or the light, people with this sign simply enjoy movement, enjoy being busy.  Sagittarius means people who are restless not from lack of interest or boredom, but because they are so enthusiastic.  This active excitement leads to adventures that are purposeful and sought out.

Sagittarius means conflict, namely between the nobility of mankind and his brute nature—much like the centaur torn between the noble and wild worlds.  True emotions come through with Sagittarius, noble or base.  Sagittarius means honesty and independence, is also means irresponsibility and being outspoken.  As a civil society we see the first grouping as civilized, human like, and the later as untamed or animalistic.  Sagittarius are not tainted by these understandings, rather it is natural for Sagittarius to be of two worlds, not good and evil, but wild and tame.

Sagittarius can be interpreted as optimistic.  These people are understood to not have a very clear picture on how powerful they are physically or mentally compared to other people.  Like the Centaur symbol Sagittarius represents a half horse half philosopher blend, but also sees everyone else so inclined as well.  However, power only serves a purpose until it is recognized and used for selfish deeds.  Better to keep Sagittarius types in the dark about how powerfully they really are so they can use their natural abilities to help better everyone. Trying to tame a Sagittarius into believing he is better than all other people because his power would be a misuse of a person and their gift, probably wreaking havoc in its wake.


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