Seventh House Symbol in Astrology

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The Seventh House in Astrology

The Seventh House is the house of partnerships.  These partnerships are a means to an ends, significant pairings, such as marriage or business deals. How a person works in a one-to-one situation is revealed in The Seventh House.  This is the house in which a person can do something for someone else in order to aid society as a whole; a selfless house where other people are just as important, if not more, than the individual.
This is the house where people put themselves in context.  One-on-one relationships color how people see themselves in the grand scheme of life.  Relationships are the catalyst to a successful human. Even hermits have to interact with other people from time to time.  If a person is successful in life they are no doubt successful in some relationship they have. Being good at one type of relationship and not another is not necessarily bad news.  A person can have a horrible love life but feel successful because of a good job, or vice versa.

The Seventh House represents how people cooperate with their partners.  This house is about learning how to work with other people in love, play, work, and equality. Knowing how to work with others in all these areas represents a person who understands that life is not always something achieved along.  Love and work both rely on other people to be successful.  The Seventh House means understanding the qualities a person finds attractive in partners of love, business, or camaraderie.

This house not only represents love and prosperity, but also the darker sides of relationships: divorce, lawsuits, even war.  Enemies can teach a person more about themselves than any lover ever could.  In this house it is important to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.  The end of a love relationship can change a person.  Lawsuits can ruin long established financial and social backgrounds.  When it comes to relationships in the grand scheme of life, even war can be traced back to relationships gone awry.  In the Seventh House qualities we detest can be brought to life.  It is in this house too that major life lessons are learned, and are usually disguised as something that would be easier to avoid. Avoiding the hard, dark, and angry bits of relationships do not lead to learning.

This house is ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter was understood to be king of the gods.  He had to have good relationships with everyone.  If Jupiter did not have good relationships with people he killed them, if he didn’t have good relationships with other gods a heavenly war would break loose.


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