Super Moon (Astrology)

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The Super Moon Meaning 480px-Super_Moon_Rising_and Symbolism

The Super Moon represents instinct. Depending on what degree the moon is from the zodiac signs in a given year there are different instincts that set in. Among them are fear of god or the great unknown, fountain of wisdom, communication in the sense of a deep understanding between people, liberation, removal of obstacles and life without boundaries, attuning to the natural self, accepting transformations and change, revealing the concealed about the self or the universe, things become clear. The Super Moon means gaining an understanding of the self within the grater confines of the universe. There is a deeper connection between people, an understanding of the strange and ostracized people of a group, and a love for the fellow man. There is also a realization how small one person is in the grand scheme of the universe.

The Super Moon’s interpretation is of healing by breaking out of the old. This is a lot of work, but it is worth the work of breaking out of the old way of life to enjoy a more invigorated experience. Mutable energy is understood by the symbol of the Super Moon, by breaking apart the old mold, and rearranging the old pieces of life into a different whole. This symbolizes the wonderful nature of newness. It also represents time for internal reflection in order to make adaptations and adjustments to understand the new path of service that comes with a new life.

The Super Moon can also be understood as mayhem. Among this mayhem are earthquakes, volcanoes, and human disarray. When the Super Moon is active humans are called to serve energies higher than the self, to gain humility, and surrender the ego to the natural world. Under a Super Moon the 2011 Japanese Earthquake occurred, the 2005 Indonesian Tsunami, the floods in the Midwest in 1992 and ’93. This moon will also bring the highest and lowest tides of the year because the pull of the moon will be at its strongest.

The Super Moon means confusion and the easiest way to avoid this confusion is to let go trying to define the world. There is no explanation for the mayhem that occurs under the Super Moon. Accepting the fact that there are forces stronger than mankind, and that sometimes they act in ways that humans do not understand is the best way to avoid detrimental confusion. A person can get lost in confusion trying to understand the grand plan of the universe.


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