Illuminati Card Game

What is the Illuminati Card Game?


The Illuminati Card Game is not a symbol in its purest form, but it is a symbolization of what the Illuminati stand for. It is believed that the Illuminati love to send hints out with regards to their master plan, and if it is true, the Illuminati Card Game is no different. The Illuminati Card Game is a playable card game that some say possesses evil undertones.

It is not the game itself that is of particular concern, but more so what is on the Illuminati Game cards. The Illuminati Card Game was created in 1995 by Steve Jackson, which is based off of the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Wilson and Robert Shea. Conspiracy theorists indicate that the Illuminati Card Game offers predictions into major catastrophes going to occur in the future.

The Illuminati Card Game was created as a joke, not to be taken seriously. The objective of the game is to obtain world domination as the member of a secret society. Some of the secret Illuminati societies that players can choose from include The Disordian Society, The UFOs, the Society of Assassins, and others. At its core, the idea seems like an innocent kid’s game in a sense, but the Illuminati Game cards are quite eerie.

One of the most notable Illuminati Game cards in the playing deck is the “terrorist nuke”. The terrorist nuke cards features the World Trade Center with an explosion taking place at one of the towers. The explosion appears to take place around the same location the first plane struck the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2011. Furthermore, the all-seeing eye, an Illuminati trademark, is located on the building next to the building that was hit. Coincidence? Or did Steve Jackson and the Illuminati know something?



The terrorist nuke card is not the only Illuminati Game card that accurately predicted world events. There is a card that depicts the Pentagon on fire as well, with the center court of it on fire. Other Illuminati Card Game predictions include an oil spill, which is perhaps a reference to the oil spill in the Gulf. Another Illuminati Game card references a disease pandemic, as well as a jogger which some say references the Boston bombings.

Conspiracy theorists state that the Illuminati Card Game is a means to hint at a New World Order initiated by the Illuminati and powerful elites. People will continue to offer their Illuminati Card Game predictions for future events as we move forward. For the sake of humanity and society, let’s hope this is a childish kid’s game after all, because the other Illuminati Game cards hold direr circumstances if it happens to be true.

The Illuminati Card Game of 1995 has become a collectible among many people. It is not a card game where you can simply walk into any store and purchase it. The Illuminati Card Game is only available for purchase online, with prices reaching $400.00 for the whole set of playing cards.