Tate Langdon in FX’s American Horror Story



Tate Langdon as a Symbol

Tate Langdon from American Horror Story did many terrible and evil things throughout the season. Because of this, Tate Langdon from American Horror Story is a symbol for evil. Throughout the season, the writers make Tate a sympathetic character, even though you know something is clearly off-putting about him. He is disturbed, but that is what makes him so identifiable for Violet Harmon. They both seem to be very angry and sad, which makes you feel for Tate. When we learn he is a vengeful ghost that makes it more powerful, showing that evil is sometimes so clear that we want to deny it. Violet, for the longest time, denies it.

Tate Langdon from American Horror Story is shown to burn a man alive, commit a mass murder at his high school, murder a couple and sodomize them with a fire poker, rape a woman, among other awful acts. Doing all these acts makes him seem like an absolutely evil person. Still, we see him oddly sweet towards Violet, which makes us feel for him. This shows that evil can be sympathetic, and that we can understand that maybe people being evil aren’t entirely their fault.

Eventually, we learn that Tate’s mother was a rather twisted individual and did many things that forced him to go mad. His mother, Constance, was negligent and abused him verbally when she was drunk. When Constance had Larry Harvey murder Tate’s brother Beauregard so she would not be charged with child neglect, it made Tate snap and massacre his high school.

One theme in the season is that you are a product of your upbringing. We see that Violet turns out to have morals when they matter most due to her parents, who while being far from perfect, were still able to instill to her to do the right thing. However, we see Constance had led Tate Langdon to be a horrible and evil soul due to how she raised her child.

Tate Langdon from American Horror Story shows that evil is decided by your upbringing, and this is emphasized when his mother raises the Harmon child that survives, only for him to kill his babysitter and be just as evil as her previous son.

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