Taurus Symbol in Astrology

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The Taurus Symbol Meaning Taurus Symbol

The Taurus astrological sign is represented by the Bull.  Like the Bull these people are patient until they are pushed too far, and then they stampede.  Those with the Taurus horoscope symbol also push through issues in their life most people would walk away from.


The Zodiac sign of Taurus is one of the four fixed signs, and that makes them stubborn and stable; resolute in all their decisions and actions.  Those with the Zodiac sign of Taurus do not like to deviate from their routine, and use the strength of a bull to ensure they are not swayed from their routine. Those with the Taurus astrological sign do not take kindly to new ideas when they are first presented, but once they have accepted the idea they will work on it, via the original plan, until the task is complete.


The Taurus Symbol is an Earth sign, and is concerned with the physical; namely the things humans can sense with their five bodily senses.  The Zodiac sign of Taurus represents people who like to enjoy these senses: they enjoy fine dining, expensive clothes and jewels, good music, colors, and beautiful scenery.  Those under the Taurus astrological sign are grounded.  They take time to deliberate before making decisions, are devoted to their family and their home, and are rarely swayed after they have made a decision.  Even though those with the Taurus horoscope symbol enjoy sensual things, they are not flashy or over the top; the Taurus Symbol prefers comfort and creativity in their earthly indulgences.

Taurus is Often Represented with a Bull

Taurus is Often Represented with a Bull


The Zodiac sign of Taurus enjoys the rewards of their hard work; they do not play the game for the thrill of it, but rather for the compensation after everything is completed.  Taurus horoscope symbolizes the Bull’s unfaltering nature, but this is not from a sense of responsibility, but rather the fact they will gain physical or monetary compensation.  These rewards keep the Taurus Symbol motivated, as naturally they enjoy being lazy.  Those under the Taurus astrological sign are self-indulgent, and have taken after the goddess Venus: the Taurus Symbol appreciates love, beauty, and pleasure. To outsiders this attribute makes the Taurus Symbol seem materialistic, but these people do not see a point to life if there is no beauty to appreciate.


The Zodiac sign of Taurus habitually inhabits those people with steady and happy personal relationships. The Taurus horoscope symbol being fixed does not only mean stubbornness, but also harmonious relationships. The Taurus Symbol likes to keep their mate happy.  For the Bull a happy partner is a happy home, and they will put tremendous effort into keeping it that way.  Healthy and happy relationships benefit those with the Zodiac sign of Taurus, as they have to expel less energy in arguments and patch-ups along the way.  Bulls are sentimental, and often see their relationships as a reward to their hard work in other parts of their lives.

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