Assassin Order in Assassin’s Creed

The Meaning of the Assassin Order


The group that the protagonists belong to in Assassin’s Creed, The Assassin Order, symbolizes free will. The Assassin Order as a symbol serves to show the good and bad of free will and the desire for it. They follow The Creed, which states that “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.” This shows how free will is engraved deep in the Assassin Order by showing that everyone should be free to make their own decisions.

Unlike The Templars, people who join the Assassin Order do so by their own free will due to seeing what The Templars have caused. The Assassin Order as a symbol is said to be representative of reaction, because of this and the fact that the Assassin Order was created in response to The Templars. The members of the Assassin Order in Assassin’s Creed symbolize the rebellion against dictatorship and control, fighting against it each time it crops up.

However, the ideas of free will are not all good. Various members of the Assassin Order are symbols for corruption within their organization. Some members of the Assassin Order chose to cause riots, fires, and explosions that could harm others in order to achieve their tasks. One even caused the Revolutionary War to kill colonial Templars. The fanatical belief of freedom in Assassin’s Creed symbolized the worst parts of the Assassin order, as some members were so obsessed with the cause that they attempted to achieve it through any means necessary.

Many of the assassins saw The Assassin Order as a symbol for good, while the Templars in Assassin’s Creed symbolized evil. While some members declared The Templars as bad people, the Assassin Order also did bad things that caused much death and disruptions of society for their cause. Some members, like Desmond Miles, immediately assumed they were on the side of good, simply because they were ignorant of some of the events that the Assassin Order caused. And just as some of The Templars made the decision to let their power get to their head, many members of the Assassin Order also grew arrogant and caused problems within their order.

The Assassin Order is meant to symbolize the desire of everyone to have absolute free will and the rebellion of people who are willing to fight for it. In Assassin’s Creed this symbolizes what most people desire for their lives. It shows how dangerous this can become though, through what the characters you play as must do and what sacrifices must be made in order to achieve their goals of freedom.

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