Inverted Pentagram Symbol

What is the Meaning of the Inverted Pentagram Symbol?


The pentagram, and the inverted pentagram in particular, also known as a 5-point star, is a symbol for a variety of secret societies. These societies include Witchcraft, Wacca, Paganism, the Illuminati, and other satanic worshiping groups. The meaning of the inverted pentagram symbol and the pentagram symbol varies in some circles. For instance, in earlier forms of Wicca, the pentagram symbol symbolized the first and most basic degree of the craft.

Conversely, the inverted pentagram symbol indicates a higher level of learning, the third and most advanced degree. Pentagram symbolism in society is quite common, all one needs to do is look at the American flag to see fifty examples. The pentagram symbol can also be described as a star, so the pentagram is one of the more recognizable symbols in society. The five points on the pentagram signify the elements: earth at lower left, fire at lower right, water at upper right, air at upper left, and spirit at the top.

Inverted pentagram symbolism, however, carries other more negative connotations with it. An inverted pentagram is largely known as representing demonic entities and evil. While the points of the pentagram represent earthly elements, the inverted pentagram represents evil. The top points of the inverted pentagram symbol are said to be the horns of the satanic goat. In some instances, the entire inverted pentagram is believed to be the outline of a goat.

Inverted pentagram symbolism became adopted by Satanists as their own symbol. Consequently, bad and evil doings are often associated with it. While some associate the upright pentagram with the elements, others indicate that it represents Christ and Christianity. It is said to protect the person that wears the pentagram from evil and provide them with goodwill. This interpretation certainly makes sense, as the official seal of Jerusalem used to be a pentagram.

In a response to Christianity, it is widely believed that the Church of Satan responded with the inverted pentagram, which is a pentagram upside down. The meaning of the inverted pentagram symbol, thus, is a direct shot at Christianity and God. When the inverted pentagram is combined with the image of the goat, the symbol is then known as the Sigil of Baphomet.

This inverted pentagram symbolism is marked by the depiction of a half human, half goat image within the pentagram. When the Church of Satan was founded in 1966, it originally used the inverted pentagram symbol with the goat as its official logo. Satanists would place the inverted pentagram on the wall at demonic rituals to signify their allegiance to Satan.

Other groups that worship Satan and evil have adopted the inverted pentagram symbol in some instances. Inverted pentagram symbolism is also used by some rock bands in an attempt to portray a certain image. The rock band, Slayer, is most notable for utilizing the inverted pentagram symbol. Slayer uses inverted pentagram symbolism not because they are Devil worshipers, but to promote a certain theme for their music and performances. In this respect, the meaning of the inverted pentagram does differ in certain contexts.


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