Square and Compasses Symbol

What Does the Square and Compass Symbolize?


The square and compass, also known as a Masonic square and compass, is regularly associated with Masonic principles, and Freemasonry in general. In fact, many people state that the masonic square and compass symbol is the official logo of Freemasons.

It is most certainly the most identifiable sign of Freemasonry in society today. The square and compasses symbol is a compass that is conjoined with a square. It also has the letter G placed in the middle of the diagram. The meaning of the square and compass is to teach symbolic lessons to its members. In this respect, the square and compasses are used in emblematic rituals.

The square in the design represents our virtues. It follows that Freemasons must “square our actions by the square of virtue with all mankind”. Conversely, the compasses dictate our conduct. In this regard, it gives Freemasons the strength to “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds”. Then as the square and compass are interconnected, they are combined with God, which is what the G stands for.

The Masonic square and compass dates back to when they were used as tools of the trade. In fact, the square and compass were used by the Egyptians to build the pyramids, which are routinely used as a symbol within secret societies. The Egyptians used it to build a perfect square on all of their foundations.

The square ultimately became a sacred emblem to Egyptians, a symbol of perfection. Both the square and compass are tools to produce perfected angles and lines, and thus, were a primary tool of architect’s and Masons. In addition, the Masonic square and compass solidifies a strong foundation.

The meaning of the square and compasses is reflected in every design the Masons built. Firstly, wisdom is enacted in every building through the square and compasses. With the structures that are built, there is a certain knowledge and skill level that went into its creation. Second, the square and compass were tools used to precisely and efficiently cut stone to produce an aesthetically appealing structure to behold. Therefore, the meaning of the square and compass is also of strength and beauty.

Masonic square and compasses can be seen in a variety of forms today. The square and compass is most notably embedded on the shirts of Masons. Furthermore, the Masonic square and compasses symbol is often used for pins, rings, cufflinks, drawings, and even tattoos. The meaning of the square and compass is something Masons take dearly, and they are not shy of proudly showing it off. The Masonic square and compasses can most be visible during the Grand Lodge Annual Communication, which is an annual meeting of the tight knight brotherhood.