Pieces of Eden in Assassin’s Creed

The Symbolic Meaning of the Pieces of Eden


The Pieces of Eden as a symbol represent power. In Assassin’s Creed, they symbolize the great power that people could use for good or evil. The First Civilization created The Pieces of Eden, meaning they were all infused with a god-like power that mortals were attracted to. Originally, they were used to control humanity, who were originally used as slaves. The name, Piece of Eden, is a reference to the Garden of Eden, and the story behind the Piece of Eden is very similar to the tale of the Garden of Eden.

The couple of the first humans named Adam of Eve stole one of the Pieces of Eden (which they refer to as apples) and escaped the First Civilization’s home, named Eden. They used the power of The Piece of Eden, meaning that they started all of the wars over them between Templars and Assassin Order, beginning the first sign of corruption in the human race. This story in Assassin’s Creed symbolizes the story of Eden, for when Adam and Eve took the apple and ate it, leading to the corruption of the human race.




The Pieces of Eden symbolize the power struggle between men, as the Templars and Assassin Order fight constantly to collect these pieces. The Assassin Order thought of The Pieces of Eden as a symbol for peace, but quickly learn that it is something far too power. To them, The Pieces of Eden symbolize an untouchable power that they should not tamper with, and they try to keep it sealed to prevent other people from using it.

As the story in progress in Assassin’s Creed, The Pieces of Eden symbolize control to the Templars, who realize what they can do. They realize that they can use The Pieces of Eden for their own gain and control people mentally. Once The Templars get a hold of them, the Assassin Order tries to get it back. They eventually hide The Pieces of Eden away where The Templars can’t find it, which prompts them to create a device to gain all of The Pieces of Eden.

The Pieces of Eden symbolize control in a massive way for the Assassin Order, because they see the collection of all of the information on The Pieces of Eden the way to power their satellite to hypnotize the world under their ideals. The Assassin Order then attempts to stop The Pieces of Eden from being used in this way towards the end of the Assassin’s Creed series, symbolizing how it is the focus of the Assassin Order and Templar power struggle.