Skull and Bones Symbol

What Does the Skull and Bones Symbol Mean?skull-and-bones-symbol-secret-society

The skull and bones symbol is used by many secret societies to promote their agendas. The symbol is also used loosely with other organizations in attempt to portray a certain dark, evil image, and in others, a positive one. The three secret societies that the skull and bones symbol is most notable for is the Freemasons, Illuminati, and the Skull and Bones Society.

The Freemasons use the skull and bones symbol as a marker for their emblematic culture and ceremonies. In the context of Freemasonry, the skull and bones actually doesn’t have a negative meaning at all, it represents rebirth within the group. At initiation ceremonies, the skull and bones symbol is often presented to symbolize this. In addition, the skull and bones meaning for Freemasons has to do with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The bones represent the way in which Jesus died on the cross, and how his death is a rebirth of sorts. Freemasons also use the skull and bones symbol as a way of rejecting the material world, and rather promote a society of charity to the weak and less fortunate. Consequently, the meaning of the skull and bones symbol in this context may come as a little bit of a surprise to you. While it may appear to represent death and misfortune, the Freemasons do just the opposite.


Conversely, the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University uses it for a much different meaning. Here, the Skull and Bones Society uses it for their culture similar to Freemasons, but instead of rebirth, it is believed that the Skull and Bones symbol epitomizes death. What makes the skull and bones symbol more unique within the Skull and Bones Society is the addition of the numbers 322.

The number inclusion of 322 is up for interpretation, but it is believed to represent the year the secret society was founded, 1832. Another interpretation is that the meaning has to do with the year 322 BCE, the year of the death of orator Demonthenes. Meanings behind the Skull and Bones Society are quite secret.

One of its most famous members, George W. Bush, stated that the secret society is so secret that he can’t say much pertaining to it. What we do know about the Skull and Bones Society is that its members are all elite members of society. This fact has raised the eyebrows from conspiracy theorist that the Skull and Bones Society is a sub-group of the Illuminati, in which the main goal is world global domination.

Incidentally, the skull and bones symbol has been associated with the Illuminati, too. The skull and bones meaning with respects to the Illuminati is similar to what was stated about regarding world global domination. The actual use of the skull and bones symbol is said to be derived from Freemasons, who allegedly assisted with the creation of the Illuminati. Other skull and bones meanings that are used from other individuals, and groups in society, are primarily used to represent death.