Tuesday’s Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Meaning Behind the song “Tuesday’s Gone”


The song Tuesday’s Gone is a song of heart ache and heart break. The symbolism in Tuesday’s Gone tells of the loss of the love of a woman, specifically Tuesday. Tuesday’s Gone interpretations lead listeners to understand the writers feelings at the last of his love.

Tuesday’s Gone meanings where the listeners is not just about a woman in going away. This song is deeper than just a break up. When this song was originally a written by Ronnie van Zant, Gary Robert Rossington, and Allan Collins it was meant to show a much greater tragedy. This is a lean into why the first line of the song. In this line the writers’ say “Train roll on, on down the line. Won’t you please take me far away?” While a break up may make a person want to flee from town, wouldn’t lead to the desperation that is found here. The interpretation for Tuesday’s Gone in this line is that something bad has happened. Something so bad that the writers of the song don’t want to stay they want to flee.

As the song progresses it isn’t clear that the symbols of Tuesday’s Gone is that the woman is gone. In fact, the next line confuses the writers thoughts just a bit by stating that with the wind blowing outside the door I am leaving a woman behind. But the stanza goes on to say that “Tuesday’s gone with the wind. My woman is gone with the wind.” While Tuesdsay’s Gone symbolism might sound a little jumbled at this point, the reality is something has happened to Tuesday and she is in fact gone. He may be leaving a woman behind but it isn’t Tuesday. Something happened to her first.

Tuesday is a past lover in his life. The song says that he is leaving his woman behind but keeps insisting that Tuesday is already gone. Tuesday’s Gone meanings is about not being trying to move past this pain in his life. He is insisting on “riding my blues away” because he can’t stay where he and Tuesday had once been so happy.

Tuesday’s Gone interpretation then leads us to think that he is leaving to get peace. He wants to move on with his life but he simply can’t do it from where he is at. “We’ll when this train ends I’ll try again, but I’m leaving my woman at home.” He’s leaving behind the new lover in his life because he can’t move on with her there. Either she or the area reminds him of Tuesday and he needs a fresh start.

This song of pain and grief over the end of a relationship is shown through the symbols in Tuesday’s Gone. This song ends with “Tuesday, you see, she had to be free, but somehow I’ve got to carry on.” As he tries to rebuild his life without her he must literally move on.