Venus Symbol

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The Venus Symbol and Femininity

Venus Symbol

Venus Symbol

Femininity is the most classic symbolization of Venus.  In classical western tradition Venus is the goddess of love in the sense of relationships, beauty, fertility, and prosperity.  Other feminine traits represented by Venus are seduction and persuasive charm.  Often Venus means sensuality and comfort.

Venus’ meaning is fertility and rebirth.   April is Venus’ month coming from the Roman aperire “to open.” April is in the spring when new life is coming into being.  The month is a reference to the birth process itself whether it is the opening of flower and leaf buds, or the opening of a mammal mother giving birth to her young.

Feminist movement symbol

Venus has come to be a Symbol for the Feminism Movement.

The symbol of the mirror is Venus’ most famous symbol, and represents a unification of opposites. The top of the symbol is a circle representing openness and inclusion.  Continuing on to the bottom half of the symbol is a crux, a closing.  The symbol for the mirror represents openness and closed-ness, beginnings and endings, darkness and light.  This duality can be seen in the path of the planet Venus that can be seen as both the morning star, rising before the sun in the east, or the evening start following the setting sun in the west, holding meaning for both the open and the close of the day.

Copper was used to make mirrors because of its reflective properties, and in effect is related to Venus and aesthetic beauty.  The symbol of the copper helps a person appreciate beauty, style, and elegance.  Even if the person themselves does not manifest these traits, recognizing the value of these aspects in everyday life can be symbolized by copper or a mirror.

The zodiac signs that are ruled by Venus are Libra and Taurus; the peace makers.  People under these signs are good at compromise and making peace, though if a person is represented by Venus these people can also be self-indulgent, self-centered, vain, and superficial.  Much like mothers, Venus’ meaning can express a desire for peace and tranquility among all her children, but on the conditions that she sets.

Venus represents love in the sense of romantic love, but also a person’s tastes and pleasures. Venus acts as a muse for art, and art is the most pleasurable act known to mankind, rising above carnal desires.  Venus does not represent physical attraction in relationships, but the more delicate aspect of maintaining a relationship, in matters of the heart and not matters of the loins.

Venus means money in the sense of physical paper and metal money, but also wealth in the sense of our grace and charm which we use to barter and convince people to give us what we want.  Good fortune comes to those who are in Venus’ favor, in physical wealth and in social graces.

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