Violet Harmon in FX’s American Horror Story


Violet Harmon as a Symbol

Violet Harmon in American Horror Story is often seen as a rebellious child who is typically ignorant of everything around her. Because of this, she is a symbol for innocence. Throughout American Horror Story Violet shows little respect for her parents, mostly due to her father’s affair. Despite being rather brave and tough, Violet is still innocent in that she does not understand much of the world around her. She cuts herself just to get a rise out of her parents and picks fights at school to get at her parents as well.

During American Horror Story Violet Harmon falls in love with Tate Langdon because he seems like he understands her. She has an innocent love towards him because he is the only person she feels like she can talk to that understands her. She confides in Tate everything that bothers her, even though she doesn’t know who the real Tate is. Tate is very sweet to Violet in American Horror Story, which makes her fall in love with him. However, she eventually learns that Tate had committed a mass murder at his high school and was shot, leading her to second guess her love for him.

Later in American Horror Story Violet learns all about the ghosts, she begins to cut herself again and becomes increasingly more afraid. She finally breaks down and talks to her father about how afraid she is, showing she is just an innocent girl once her barrier is broken down. Violet is then haunted one night by many of the ghosts and tries to kill herself with sleeping pills. Tate makes Violet throw up most of her pills, but she ultimately passes on and becomes a ghost.

Tate never tells her about how she dies until much later, making Violet ignorant of her own death for a long time. As the season of American Horror Story continues, Violet Harmon continues to be in love with Tate even though he has done horrible things simply because she doesn’t know how to cope and needs someone to comfort her since her parents have other things going on. Eventually, Tate tries to get her to commit suicide so she will be able to accept that she had died, but she refuses and Tate is forced to inform Violet that she died when she overdosed on pills.

In the penultimate episode of American Horror Story, Violet is informed by one of the ghosts that Tate had killed other people as a ghost and raped her mother as well. This forces Violet to finally break out of her shell of innocence and break up with Tate. At the end of American Horror Story Violet Harmon and her family are actually happy, and she is no longer an innocent girl who fawns over Tate and wants nothing to do with him now.