Virgo Symbol in Astrology

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The Virgo Symbol in Astrology The Virgo Symbol

Virgo is one of the twelve star signs and it’s represented by the Virgin.  Virgos are not celibate in practice as a rule, but the way they present themselves is clean and pure.  They keep their personal identity intact and their composure is near saintly.  Virgos are pure by maintaining a good reputation.  Maidens are often depicted where Virgos reside, as they are understood and expected to be virgin-esque.  Virgos also represent fertility.  Because Virgins are classically seen as better mothers, albeit a paradox, Virgos are seen as both Virgins and the most fertile people.  The Virgin Mary who mothered Jesus in the Christian tradition was the ultimate Virgo: she did not have to soil her pure reputation in order to be responsible for the Son of God.

Virgos are analytical and observant.  Virgo means taking the cold hard facts of life and putting them into a comprehensible medium.

Virgos live in their minds where they problem solve and analyze the facts of life.  They are very organized in their mind so they can come to concrete and solid decisions quickly after processing all the information of a situation.  Because they are so real-world bound and concentrated they have trouble understanding other people’s emotions.  This can be a problem when trying to relate important information as they are blunt.  It is not that they ignore other’s emotions; it is that they don’t understand other people’s feelings, or they don’t see them as a valid argument.  Feelings do not hold as much weight as facts, and for Virgos that means that feelings are not important to entertain.

Virgo can be interpreted as reliable.  They are very down to earth, and the only thing they get too caught up in is pushing themselves to hard. Virgos work hard, and their reputation of reliability makes them feel that they have to go above and beyond in their interactions with other people.  In this way they are often seen as helpful, even if it is to their own detriment.

Virgos are very set in the real world.  They are inflexible in their decisions and very skeptical of most other people.  They do not have time for daydreams, they have enough to do in the real world.  Often times Virgos can be fussy, as they do not have patience for daydreamers or other “frivolous” past-times.  They can be fussy at times because they push themselves too hard, and because the real world is a very stressful place to always be.

Virgos are loyal.  They are so loyal to friends and family that they often times can be interpreted as interfering.  Virgos feel that they have the best grasp on any situation because they analyze and observe all the minute details.  They also feel it is in their duty as a loyal person to try and help out whenever they can.  This all too often oversteps personal and emotional boundaries and upsets others.

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