Write for Us

Symbol Selection and Article Posting

1. Find a symbol worth writing about-

Symbols will first be given to you by me, but eventually you will write your own. Here are some good websites to use as a jumping off point:

  • symbols.com
  • ancient-symbols.com
  • symbols.net
  • symboldictionary.net
  • whats-your-sign.com

These are just to get you started. These websites lack interesting information and history about symbols. DO NOT SIMPLY REWRITE the articles!

All you have to do is use the search box underneath the header at the symbomeanings.com website. If the symbol shows up in the results, it is already on the website and you should not write about it.

***Note*** There will be certain “uses” of symbols that will make each one unique. For instance, you might write one article on the Hopi Indian swastika symbol, a symbol of peace, and then you might write another article on the Nazi Swastika, a symbol that has come to be known for intolerance. In order to differentiate the two, be sure to include a submeaning denoting the distinction in your title. For example

Symbol A Title: Swastika (Hopi)

Symbol B Title: Swastika (Nazi)

2. Go to pages. Copy Template Draft.

This step is easy. Just go to the page that as “TEMPLATE¬† (DO NOT EDIT)” place your mouse over the title and select “copy to a new draft.” DO NOT edit the template please!

3. Copy Paste/Write Article

Each article must be engaging and informational. Fill it will fun facts about the symbol, and also include a short history as well. Try to aim for 3 fun facts that a person will be able be eager to tell a friend once he/she has finished writing the article. The goal is to satisfy the readers curiosity about the symbol.  Each article should be about 400 words each, with some exceeding this amount.

Include these subheadings:

  • (Symbol name) symbol origins
  • Notable Uses throughout History

Also include a heading “Related Symbols” with a list of links to other similar symbols.

SEO Technical Stuff

Try to achieve a keyword density of 1.5%-3.5% per keyword. You do not have to “keyword stuff” by placing a bunch of keywords in an article.

You should include these keywords, using this formula:

(the symbol you are writing about) meaning

(the symbol you are writing about) meanings

Also, if the symbol represents something, be sure to include keywords that includes the idea, object, etc that it represents. For example, for the Swastika (a sun symbol):

  • symbols for the sun
  • sun symbol
  • symbols that represent the sun

5. Add photo

Go to:

  • http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Images
  • creativecommons.org
  • wikipedia.org

Other websites are acceptable but be sure you only use images that give full permission to use. Make sure the image is well formatted.

6. Add Affiliate Links

7. Add Categories

You can add your page to categories on the right scroll bar. Use your judgement and you will be fine. A symbol may belong in multiple categories.

8. Fill out SEO

Scroll down to the below the text and WYSIWYG editor and fill out the META information.  Ignore the Solostream Page Options and Comments section.

9. Publish and Review

Make sure the article looks good.